thin client

What is Thin Client Technology?

Download PDF Info Sheet (111kb)

Thin Client Technology/Computing enables any computer to access Microsoft Windows based applications, such as Word processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting programs, etc... from any Web Browser over the Internet or a Corporate LAN (local area network) without having to install the application on every desktop PC or laptop.

The Applications actually live on Servers not on desktop systems:

In Thin Client Computing, applications are installed and live on a central server or group of servers. All application processing is performed on the server and not the desktop system. This means that only the screen, keyboard and mouse information are passed to the client desktop system. As if you were remote controlling a Windows session on the Server.

That is Thin Client computing in a nutshell.

Load Balancing: To add to this powerful technology model, applications can be load balanced across multiple servers, commonly called Server Farms, thus increasing overall performance by distributing the client sessions across multiple servers at the same time providing exceptional fault tolerance.

What can Thin Client computing do for me or my company?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

Your company will save money, reducing support and hardware costs, while providing access anytime anywhere to your company's applications. No more upgrading company desktop systems every 2 years. Use your existing desktop systems and/or migrate to Thin Client Terminals. The cost of these devices is much lower than full blown desktop PC's.

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