1. Access to the site

    You may access the site and may purchase goods and services on the site (the "services") provided that you:

    1. will not use the site or services:-
      1. to send unsolicited any bulk mail message (commonly known as "junk mail" or "spam") which is disruptive or which generates complaints. (This includes, but is not limited to, the bulk-mailing of advertising);
      2. to post the same or similar messages to large numbers of newsgroups (e.g. excessive cross-posting or multiple-posting, commonly known as "USENET spam");
      3. for flaming; hacking or otherwise obtaining unauthorised access to any data or systems;
      4. to post any message whose subject or content is unrelated to the site subject matter of the newsgroup to which it is posted;
      5. to post chain letters of any type nor to post files to newsgroups not specifically names for that purpose;
      6. to obtain e-mail addresses or any other information for marketing purposes;
      7. for any criminal or unlawful activity, or to post any information or material which might be legally actionable; or
      8. to harass any person.
    2. not introduce any virus, logic bomb, harmful code and / or trojan horse to the Site or the Services;
    3. at your expense obtain, install, and maintain suitable equipment and software and Internet access or connection services toaccess the Site and the Services;
    4. comply with all of your obligations in your agreement with your Internet Service Provider (including any Internet acceptable use policies);
    5. not seek redress from us if you are harmed or offended by material, information, products or services on the Site or the Services (except as set out in this agreement).
    6. not place any libellous, defamatory, obscene, derogatory, menacing, offensive, pornographic, or indecent material on the Site, or any web site to which the Site is linked, or any e-mail communication sent to or from the Site;
    7. comply with all applicable laws, regulations and conventions;
    8. not attempt to interfere with the Site or the Services or any other service to any user, host, or network. (This includes, but is not limited to, "denial of service" attacks on the Site, "flooding" of the Site, deliberate attempts to overload the Site and attempts to "crash" the Site's host); and
    9. not use any kind of program, script or command which interferes with any person's use of the Site or any of the Services, or any other service.
  2. Confidentiality and Data Protection

    We may monitor and record your use of the Site and the Services.

    We may delete or remove from the Site and the Services any information or other material you place there at any time without giving you notice.

  3. Intellectual Property Rights

    All the intellectual property rights in the Site, the services or in the material or information contained on the Site is our property or the property of our licensors. You may not use or copy any material or information contained on this Site except to the extent necessary in order to access the Site or to purchase goods or services offered to you by persons on the Site ("Sellers").

  4. Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

    All purchases of goods or services which you make on this site are contracts between you and the relevant Seller and will be subject to the specific terms and conditions agreed between you and that Seller. We will not be a party to any sales and purchases of goods or services made by you using the Site or the Services and we merely provide the venue for the transactions to take place. We will have no liability for any disputes between you and any Seller from or arising from your use of the Site or the Services.

    We will not be liable for or guarantee any marketing or other information on the Site and shall not be liable for or guarantee any goods or services sold by Sellers using the Site or the Services and any errors or defects in any goods or services sold to you using the Site or Services in any way whatsoever.

    The Site and the Services and any information provided to you by us are provided "as is". We give no warranty that the Site or the Services or any information we have placed on the Site is error-free. You assume all risk for using, and for any results you abtain, or liability you incur, by or as a result of using the Site or any of its Services. We do not guarantee or accept any liability for any links from the Site to other web sites or for any information on other web sites to which this Site in linked.

    Except as expressly set out in this Agreement all warranties, representations, terms, conditions or undertakings whether implied by statute, common law, custom, trade usage, course of dealing or otherwise (including any implied warranty, representation, term, condition or undertaking of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose) are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, hereby excluded.

    We do not guarantee the prevention of the loss of, alteration of, or improper access to, your information or computer system. We are not responsible for invalid destinations or transmission errors in, corruption of, or the security of your information on the Site or the Services or carried over any telecommunications or datacommunications facilities.

    We are not liable for any claim that your use of the Site or the Services or of any program, material, information or products infringes any third party's intellectual property or other rights.

    In no event are we liable for any damages arising from any cause beyond our control.

    We are not liable for any of the following, whether arising because of our negligence, breach of this Agreement, or in any other way:

    1. loss of profits, business or anticipated savings, loss of goodwill, lost or wasted management time or the lost time of other employees;
    2. loss of use or destruction of data;
    3. any indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage; or
    4. any claims against you by any other party; Whether direct or indirect even if we have been advised of the possibility of that loss or damage arising.
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